28 October 2013

Structure when writing a RESEARCH PAPER

First of all the research paper must have a title which describes the topic you are addressing in the paper in the most interesting and precise way possible. Be original, make your paper stand out from the rest!

The title must be followed by an abstract which is a small summary of the whole research, your aims, methods, results and conclusions. It must be really summarized, no more than a paragraph.

After this, the introduction must be done. It must state the problem the research deals with and the hypothesis that are going to be tested. It should also refer to others researchers work to show the context motivating your research.

Furthermore, a method  must be done. In this part of the research you explain how your experiments were done. You must give all of the information possible, age of the subjects, apparatus used, how you controlled the variables, etc...

After this explanation the results of the experiment must be shown. Of course they must be relevant to the question that the research set. It must include all of the relevant data. it would be useful if you showed graphs and tables. 

The main conclusions of the experiment should be discussed, and that why we need a  discussion were the results are explained and compared to your hypothesis. Furthermore it would be good to include ideas and problems for future research.

Finally, a list of references must be made. In here you list all of the papers that you cited during the research paper.

Your paper is now done! Check you are not missing anything and...



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