20 November 2013

Parenting Styles

Parental style refers to the strategies parents use for child rearing. Research has shown that there are four types of parenting styles: permissive, authoritarian, authoritative and uninvolved. Depending on the parenting style used, children have different values, behaviors and social skills. 
Permissive parents are characterized by being indulgent. They don’t believe that they have responsibility over their children and because of that they don’t put any limits or have any control.
Authoritarian parents could be seeing as the opposite of a permissive parenting style. In this case, parents are very strict; they expect their orders to be completed without explanation. They do not tolerate disobedience and are not supportive with their children.
Authoritative parenting style is a strict parenting style. They set clear limits and at the same time they are loving and caring. They give explanations to their limits and encourage their children to be independent.

Finally, uninvolved parents are completely uninvolved with their children. They believe they don’t have any responsibility just feeding the child and giving shelter. It is more extreme than the permissive parenting style as they are detached emotionally.


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