13 October 2013

About Anthropology

Every good psychologist needs to have a basic idea about what anthropology is. It is a very simple science that is essential to understand some basic psychological rules. 

What is anthropology? 

-It is the study of humans from all time. The study of human kind. 
-It is focussed on every kind of society, studying their past and present. 
-It is a holistic science, in other words, it studies every posible aspect of human life. In fact, anthropologists try to make correlations between economy, politics family, religión, etc. (almost everything related with human kind). 

When did it start?

-It all began when people from one culture started meeting people of another. They began looking at them and seeing that they were very different so it was inevitable to think, why are these people so different to me? This question is the start of the anthroplogical thinking. When people began to invistigate about these different cultures to know more about them is when anthropology started.

Fields of anthropology 

Anthropology is a very wide subject, this is why it is divided in FOUR FIELDS to make it easier to study. Normally anthropologist work in one area, usually CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY.


-It is the study of the past through phisical remains (bones, enamelware, etc.) 
-Humans always leave traces. Archaeologists work is to find these traces to learn how people lived. It is the only way we can study prehistory so it is something also used by historians. 
- It is really important to know where the physical remains where found as that can reveal lot’s of things about the society and how different or similar they where to nearer societies. 


-The study of what makes us different from other species and when did it happen. 
- We get this information from bones, but nowadays information is much more precise and we can usually use DNA to discover things from the past. 
-Thanks to DNA anthropologists have been able to discover that 90% of the population have neanderthals DNA, which means that homo sapiens and neanderthalis mixed at some point. 


-The study of language and it’s evolution. 
- Language is specific of man kind and that makes us different from other animals 


 -It is the study of human groups 
- People that are together lots of time develop the same way of behaving and thinking. 
- Anthropologist`s not only study societies, but also groups of people.

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